descriptionLinux Foundation Code Janitor
ownerLF Public Git
last changeFri, 26 Apr 2013 19:59:17 +0000 (15:59 -0400)
2013-04-26 Jeff LicquiaUse the newer Django template loader syntax in settings. master
2013-04-26 Jeff LicquiaOnly save search data into search fixture.
2013-04-26 Jeff LicquiaFix database driver name.
2013-04-26 Jeff LicquiaUse the new Django 1.2 database settings syntax.
2012-10-05 Stew BenedictAdd note about creating compliance user, add pointer...
2012-03-29 Stew BenedictFix issues with a single group defined, multiple group...
2012-03-29 Stew BenedictDon't chomp the last character from grouplist when...
2012-03-29 Stew BenedictChange reverse search to be keyword based
2012-03-27 Stew BenedictEnable reverse search (toggle, per-search)
2011-06-10 Stew BenedictWorkaround bug in django 1.3 by disabling autoreload
2011-03-21 Stew BenedictBump the release for the logo change and re-package
2011-03-07 Stew BenedictRemove LF logo
2011-02-08 Stew BenedictBump to 1.0.0-1
2010-08-09 Jeff LicquiaBackport fixes into
2010-08-06 Jeff LicquiaBackport userrun branch from Dep Checker to Janitor.
2010-08-05 Stew Benedictonly remove the compliance user if dep-checker isn...
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