descriptionLTSI kernel patches
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last changeThu, 3 Aug 2017 23:24:21 +0000 (16:24 -0700)
2017-08-03 Greg Kroah... fix up date of patches.ltsi/ltsi-makefile-addition... master
2017-08-03 Greg Kroah... ltsi makefile patch: fix it so we aren't stuck at a...
2017-08-03 Greg Kroah... SoCFPGA patches added
2017-08-03 Greg Kroah... Fix up Renesas patches so they apply properly.
2017-08-03 Greg Kroah... More Renesas patches, but will not all apply cleanly
2017-08-03 Greg Kroah... Second set of Renesas patches added.
2017-08-03 Greg Kroah... Add first set of Renesas patches.
2017-08-03 Greg Kroah... start over at 4.9.40 for the next round of ltsi.
2017-07-14 Greg Kroah... Update KERNEL_VERSION to 4.1.42 4.1-ltsi
2016-09-30 Greg Kroah... Update KERNEL_VERSION to 4.1.33
2016-07-15 Greg Kroah... Update KERNEL_VERSION to 4.1.28
2016-04-21 Greg Kroah... Update KERNEL_VERSION to 4.1.22
2016-02-01 Greg Kroah... Update KERNEL_VERSION to 4.1.17 v4.1.17-ltsi
2016-02-01 Greg Kroah... add patches.misc/input-rohm_bu21023-fix-handling-of...
2016-01-13 Greg Kroah... add altera build error patch v4.1.15-ltsi-rc2
2016-01-06 Greg Kroah... some clockdev patches
18 months ago v4.1.17-ltsi This is the 4.1.17-ltsi release
19 months ago v4.1.15-ltsi-rc2 This is the v4.1.15-ltsi-rc2 release
2 years ago v3.14.28-ltsi This is the 3.14.28-ltsi release
2 years ago v3.14.24-ltsi-rc1 This is the 3.14.24-rc1-ltsi release
3 years ago v3.4.91-ltsi This is the 3.4.91-ltsi release
3 years ago v3.10.31-ltsi This is the v3.10.31-ltsi release
3 years ago v3.4.81-ltsi This is the v3.4.81-ltsi release
3 years ago v3.0.101-ltsi This is the v3.0.101-ltsi release
3 years ago v3.10.28-ltsi-rc1 This is the 3.10.28-ltsi-rc1 release
4 years ago v3.4.46-ltsi This is the 3.4.46-ltsi release
4 years ago v3.0.79-ltsi This is the 3.0.79-ltsi release
4 years ago v3.4.25-ltsi This is the v3.4.25-ltsi release
5 years ago v3.0.38-ltsi LTSI 3.0.38 release
2 weeks ago master
5 weeks ago 3.10-ltsi
5 weeks ago 4.1-ltsi
13 months ago 3.14-ltsi
20 months ago 3.4-ltsi
2 years ago 3.0-ltsi